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Who We Are

Non-Government and academic sectors.
Our Business Registration Division offers a spectrum of services,

Covering all aspects of doing business in the UAE & the GCC countries. With a central presence in Dubai, we are able to focus on investments in the offshore business activity, and guide investors to the lucrative sectors in the UAE, such as Real Estate and Offshore Banking.

The UAE offers incoming business all the advantages of a highly developed economy, and with opportunities booming in the world of business today, International Companies seeking to establish a business in Dubai, have a host of alternatives.

Our commitment Growth Vision Group at is to provide our clients with the best possible service. As a professional firm, we combine an extreme technical expertise with a friendly personal service, thus helping our clients to meet the challenges and opportunities presented by transition.

As the leading business setup service provider in UAE, we offer a wide range of services and complete business set-up package

Business formation in Dubai can be both exciting and bewildering. Gleaming skyscrapers add to the general buzz of a city which is booming.

In order to safe guard their shares, our lawyers prepare Investor Rights and Protection Contracts namely Side & Service Agreements.